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Wolf wall decoration

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With a wolf as wall decoration you have a beautiful work of art hanging on your wall. The geometric design is cut from a single piece of PEFC certified 3mm black MDF. This stands for sustainability and is therefore a responsible choice. In addition to intelligence and loyalty, the wolf also represents two faces. The battle between good and evil is projected in this way in a very beautiful way on your wall. A work of art with a deeper meaning.

Meaning wolf wall decoration

In a wolf pack, each wolf has his or her own place. Every wolf has a free spirit, but also fulfills a certain role. The wolf is central to many myths and legends. In many cultures, the wolf also symbolizes something special. For example, in the ancient Germanic cultures the wolf was a symbol of the victor. With the Aztecs, on the other hand, a howling wolf symbolizes the god of dance. In addition, wolves are also loyal and intelligent. An extremely beautiful animal to display in your home as wall decoration.

PEFC-certified MDF

The geometric artwork of Muur Art is cut from a single piece of PEFC-certified MDF. Not only does the artwork look sleek and elegant, not least because of the deep black appearance, but the wood also stands for sustainable forest management. With 210 million hectares of certified forest, PEFC is the largest forest certification system in the world. This organization stimulates sustainable forest management and there is a fully verifiable chain from forest to end user. A work of art with an extremely good story.

Frequently asked questions about wolf wall decoration

What is wolf wall decoration?

A wolf has two faces. With a wolf as wall decoration, you also project your two faces on your wall in this way. So you remember every day that good and evil fight every day. It reminds you which side to nurture in order to emerge victorious. In addition, a wolf as a wall decoration also radiates loyalty and intelligence. Wall decoration with a real impact.

What is a wolf as a symbol?

Wolves are loyal, intelligent and symbolize a free spirit. In some Native American legends, the wolf has two faces, good and evil. Almost every person has two faces. According to the Indians, life is a battle between two wolves. The wolf you feed ultimately wins the battle between good and evil.

What is PEFC-certified MDF?

The Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) stands for the promotion of sustainable forest management through independent certification. In this way, the end consumer has the opportunity to purchase wood products from environmentally friendly forestry that is also socially responsible and economically viable.

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