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Bird wall decoration

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The bird wall decoration art is the perfect addition to any wall in the house. This geometric wall decoration is the perfect addition to your room and a real eye-catcher! The bird wall art is made of PEFC-certified MDF that is 3mm black through-and-through. This gives the bird wall decoration a minimalistic yet luxurious look. A real must-have for your room!

Meaning hummingbird wall decoration

Hummingbirds are native to the Americas and are the smallest birds in existence. They grow to about 5 to 13 cm. These birds are known for the buzzing sound they make with their beating wings. Hummingbirds reach top speeds of no less than 55 kilometers per hour due to their fast wing beat frequencies of 12 to 80 beats per second. So a really special bird.

These little birds are always actively looking for nectar and are a symbol of joy, love, hope, happiness and freedom. It is not without reason that hummingbirds have been depicted for centuries in various Native American legends, folklore and mythology. The Aztecs even believed that warriors came back as hummingbirds after death

Wall decoration made of sustainable materials

In addition to the bird wall art that radiates joy, hope and happiness in your home, it is also good to know that this hummingbird wall art is made of durable MDF. This material is PEFC certified, which is the international quality mark for sustainable forest management. In addition, at least 70% of the material is made from recycled material. This also makes a clear statement that you care about nature. Not only in word and gesture, but you also take action yourself by choosing sustainable materials.

The bird wall decoration is available in different sizes: 40 x 55 cm, 60 x 80 cm and 80 x 105 cm. So choose the right size that perfectly matches your interior!

Frequently asked questions about bird wall decoration

What is bird wall decoration?

Bird wall decoration brings joy, hope and happiness to any interior. In addition, a bird also symbolizes freedom. This makes bird wall decoration an ideal accessory to give your room a special look. With bird wall art you are sure to bring a lot of positive energy into your room.

What is a hummingbird as a symbol?

A hummingbird symbolizes joy, love, hope, happiness and freedom. This small bird is known for its fast wing beats and is always actively searching for nectar. It is not without reason that hummingbirds have been depicted in many Native American legends, folklore and mythology for centuries.

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What is sustainable wall decoration?

With sustainable wall decoration you not only embellish your interior, but you also explicitly look at the materials that are used. With sustainable materials used for wall decoration, you ensure that you contribute to less waste by recycling more.


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