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Owl wall decoration

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The owl has a magical appearance. Due to the Harry Potter series of successes, the owl has also increased in popularity. After all, every wizard has an owl to deliver confidential mail. The long-eared owl has been the model for this owl wall decoration and has an actual impact in every room where it hangs. It seems that the owl always looks angry, but those are the furrowed eyebrows because he is thinking deeply. The owl's wisdom also radiates directly into the room where it hangs. A really striking form of wall decoration so

Meaning owl wall decoration

For the Greeks, the owl was a symbol of wisdom. The Greek goddess Pallas Athena stood for air, wisdom, art, martial arts and peace. Pallas Athene and the owl were often compared because they both had beautiful eyes. The Roman variant of this goddess was called Minerva. Minerva's owl was a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and acumen. The owl has an all-seeing wisdom, because it can also see in the dark. Due to the great importance of the owl, this wise animal was depicted on ancient Greek coins and there is also an owl on the back of the Greek euro. As a wall decoration, the owl also exudes wisdom and is therefore a real eye-catcher in every room.

Minimalist wall decoration

Minimalist art originated in the 1960s in the United States and quickly spread to Europe. Minimalism is always based on simple-looking objects. Objects are usually chosen that do not represent reality or suggest a different reality. Usually minimalism is based on geometric shapes and the repetition of uniform units is characteristic of this art style. You can clearly see this in the owl artwork where symmetry and parallel lines are immediately recognizable.

Frequently asked questions about owl wall decoration

What is owl wall decoration?

With owl wall decoration, the wisdom of the owl radiates into the room. The furrowed eyebrows also seem to indicate that the owl is critically listening to the conversations in the room. A very striking form of wall decoration and certainly a recommendation for those who love owls and magic.

What is an owl as a symbol?

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, acumen and knowledge. Goddesses of the ancient Greeks and Romans such as Pallas Athena and Minerva were also always depicted with an owl to be compared with the animal. For the Greeks, the owl was so important as a symbol that the animal is depicted on Greek coins, just like on the back of the Greek euro.

What is minimalist wall decoration?

Minimalism is based on simple shapes and repetition of patterns. Abstract shapes are often chosen, but with minimalist wall decoration, a natural shape can also be converted into geometric patterns. The symmetry and parallel lines are clearly recognizable in this minimalist wall decoration.

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