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Elephant wall decoration

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With the elephant wall decoration from Muur Art you by definition bring something special into your home. The striking work of art occupies a prominent position in your room. The elephant wall decoration has a minimalist look but at the same time it also feels very grand. This is due to the facial expression and the large ears, as well as the geometric design. The minimalist design feels familiar on the one hand, yet it takes time to parse the elephant's gaze. Truly a piece of art that makes you think.

Meaning elephant wall decoration

The elephant symbolizes many positive qualities. The elephant stands for strength, care and loyalty. In addition, the elephant is also an intelligent animal with an exceptionally good memory. In the Middle Ages, the elephant was a symbol of strong sexual powers. In contrast, the elephant in Buddhism is sacred; when a pregnant woman dreams of white elephants, she is expecting a great master. All in all, the elephant has only positive associations, which makes it extremely suitable for wall decoration in your home. It radiates tranquility and it is by definition an eye catcher in your room.

Easy to attach wall decoration

To attach an elephant to your wall, you would think you would need some mounting material. But nothing is less true. The frame of the elephant wall decoration is sharply cut from a 3 mm thick MDF board. It is therefore particularly light and can be attached without drilling holes. The elephant wall decoration is provided with extra strong double-sided mounting tape on the back. You only need to make the wall dust and dirt-free and you can hang the elephant wall decoration in your room in no time.

Frequently asked questions about elephant wall decoration

What is elephant wall decoration?

With a large animal as wall decoration you really get something special into your home. And at the same time, the geometric wall decoration is so minimalistic that it forms a peculiar contrast. The elephant has many positive characteristics, but can also be overwhelming. The elephant wall decoration is also crushing for the real thinker.

What is an elephant as a symbol?

The elephant mainly has positive associations. In many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom, luck and loyalty. The elephant is especially worshiped in Hinduism; the animal here symbolizes sacred power and immortality. Several Hindu gods such as Ganesha are inextricably linked to elephants.

Is wall decoration easy to attach?

How you should attach your wall decoration depends on the weight of the object. The geometric wall decoration of Muur Art is so light that it can be attached without drilling. The wall covering is provided with extra strong double-sided mounting tape. If you make your wall dust and dirt-free beforehand, your wall decoration is guaranteed to be solid.

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