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lion wall decoration

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With a beautiful, powerful lion as a wall decoration, you naturally have the perfect eye-catcher in your home. This wall decoration with lion is geometric in design and made from one piece of 3mm black MDF. First of all, this looks very sleek and minimalistic. In addition, the deep black finish gives the lion wall decoration a luxurious and exclusive look. The MDF is PEFC-certified, which means that you also make a good choice with regard to the materials used. With the lion wall decoration you therefore make a clear statement!

Meaning lion wall decoration

The lion occurs in almost all cultures as a symbol of strength. The lion has been a symbol of bravery since ancient China. In Egypt the lion was the loyal watchman; two lions standing back to back signified both the past and the future. In Islam, the lion protects man from evil. Moreover, in Greek mythology the lion was a symbol of the conquered power. All in all, a powerful and safe symbol as a wall decoration for your home.

Geometric wall decoration

Geometric wall decoration adds visual interest through the used patterns. These geometric patterns give a contemporary feel to the design. In addition to abstract shapes, geometric patterns can also be applied to everyday designs, such as the lion in this case. In this way, organic shapes are mathematically translated in a subtle way. You clearly recognize the contours of the lion, while on the other side it radiates tranquility due to the symmetry and recognizable patterns. A truly quirky work of art!

Frequently asked questions about lion wall decoration

What is lion wall decoration?

Lion wall decoration stands for strength and vigilance. It also indicates that you as an owner are unyielding and that you stand by your values. With a bit of luck, the lion wall decoration also deters burglars so that the lion is really the guard of your home.

What is a lion as a symbol?

What the lion symbolizes depends on the culture, but in most cultures the lion stands for strength, bravery, vigilance and as a fighter against evil. In Hinduism the lion is seen as the reincarnation of their god and in Buddhism the lion stands for the wisdom of Buddha's teachings.

What is geometric wall decoration?

With geometric wall decoration, organic shapes are converted into mathematical shapes such as straight lines, triangles and squares. Due to the symmetry, the wall decoration radiates a visual calm.

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