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Place markers

Are you still unsure about what material you want for your world map? Order our free sample box!


Do you love to travel or just want to decorate your home? Then this wooden world map is perfect for you! 100% guaranteed an eye-catcher for every room: living room, hallway, office or bedroom.

Due to the precise laser cutting technique, the wooden continents are cut out in great detail, including 17 islands. This world map in oiled black HDF is the perfect addition to any room. Using the supplied mounting template, hang the world map on and mark all the places you have been or want to go with the 20 free place markers supplied.

✔ On a realistic scale (mecator projection)
✔ Guaranteed eye-catcher
✔ Accurately carved from wood
✔ Incl. 20 free white or black place markers
✔ Available in 3 different sizes
✔ Suitable for any dry interior space

Perfect gift

This World Map wall decoration is the perfect gift for a housewarming or birthday, for example, and is ideal for home or office. This way you can show everyone to which countries/cities you have been or still want to visit. The place markers can also be ordered separately per 20 pieces.

Place markers

With the wooden world map you will also receive 20 place markers. With this you can mark where you have been in the world or still want to go. The markers are 1.5cm high and are made from recycled white or black satin acrylic with a double-sided adhesive layer on the back. If 20 markers are not enough, you can order them here . Handy if you have a whole world trip planned!

Easy to hang

The back is provided with extra strong double-sided mounting tape that adheres well to both smooth walls (paint, wallpaper) and to walls with a light structure (spachtelputz, coarse stucco). The foam tape is 1mm thick, which compensates for slight irregularities on the surface.

The box contains a mounting template (world map cut out in negative) of cardboard, which ensures that you stick the continents in the right place and straight on the wall.

Assembling instructions world map

Responsible materials

We use Finsa Fibracolour Negro HDF (High Density Fibreboard) for our wall decoration. What makes this HDF special is that black dye is mixed into the fibers during the production process. This gives the HDF a thoroughly black color. To emphasize the color intensity, we manually oil the material with linseed oil.

Fibracolour Negro has a superior quality due to its fiber selection, special - non-toxic - water-based color pigments, low formaldehyde content (Classification E1) and resistance to natural and artificial lighting. The sheet material is sustainably produced in Europe in Spain, Portugal and France. HDF Finsa Fibracolour Negro is 100% PEFC certified.

Locally and sustainably produced

We develop and produce all our products completely in-house from our workshop in Zaandam. By keeping production local, we can guarantee the quality of our product and deploy our production process flexibly.

We have set up our production process with an eye for sustainability, so we strive to produce as little residual material as possible and we use sustainable materials for the products. Curious about how we produce our production as sustainably as possible? Read more about our production process.

Fast delivery

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