About us

Wall Art is an online store in the field of wall decoration. What makes us unique is that we produce the wall decoration indoors ourselves, so you buy directly from the manufacturer!

We started as an extension of our parent company Het Laser Lokaal, a creative production company in the field of laser cutting. From our parent company we have (and we still do) many unique projects in the field of laser cutting, from cutting fabrics for haute couture dresses to developing whole or semi-finished products.

However, we noticed that there is a large group of people who are very impressed by what is possible with laser cutting, but did not have sufficient tools and/or knowledge to have a project produced themselves.

That's why we started Muur Art, to make all the beauty that laser cutting has to offer accessible to everyone. The production technique lends itself perfectly to the production of unique, affordable 3D wall decoration.

In the meantime, Muur Art has grown into a fully independent company, which does not only mean that we have a wide range of unique wall panels. We can also very easily make small or large adjustments to the wishes of the customer. Think of a different material, color, size or adjustment to the design.

Quality and sustainability are our two core values, we have built our company around these two core values. We express this in everything we do, from product to packaging to customer service. Our promise is that we always go for 100% satisfaction!

Are you curious about our wall decoration? Take a look at an overview of all our products!