Production process

We develop and produce all our products completely in-house from our workshop in Zaandam. By keeping production local, we can guarantee the quality of our product and deploy our production process flexibly.

To produce wall decorations we use laser cutters, these are powerful machines that remove a very small amount of material by means of a laser beam to cut accurate shapes from sheet material. To go from plate wood to wall decoration, several steps are followed, which are explained below.

1. Processing and preparing sheet material

We use Finsa Fibracolour Negro HDF (High Density Fibreboard) for our wall decoration. What makes this HDF special is that black dye is mixed into the fibers during the production process. This gives the HDF a thoroughly black color. To emphasize the color intensity, we manually oil the material with linseed oil.

Fibracolour Negro has a superior quality due to its fiber selection, special - non-toxic - water-based color pigments, low formaldehyde content (Classification E1) and resistance to natural and artificial lighting. The sheet material is sustainably produced in Europe in Spain, Portugal and France.

The sheet material is supplied in large sheets of 210cm x 285cm. These are first sawn to size, oiled, checked for quality and finally stored flat to remove any bends in the plates.

2. Laser cutting

We mainly produce the wall decoration on our 150w portal laser. This is a very large machine with a working surface of 250x130cm where, using an accurate laser beam, any desired shape can be cut from the sheet material. The machine is equipped with various tools such as top and bottom extraction and dynamic height control for a perfect cut.

The laser beam concentrates a small, powerful beam of light to a fraction of a millimeter, so that the sheet material is literally evaporated. By using less force, we can, for example, engrave borders. This technique has the advantage that there is almost no loss in the cut as with a saw.

Despite the size and power of the machine, it uses relatively little power, no more than a household dryer. A large part of the energy is used to cool the laser cutter, we use this residual heat as heating in winter!

The reason we chose a large machine is not only to be able to produce large products, but to keep the sheet material as large as possible. As a result, we can minimize residual material and at the same time have less sawing work beforehand. We have arranged plates for each product so efficiently, so that we can cut 40 times from 1 plate for the smallest product without residual material!

Because laser cutting belongs to so-called subtractive production (removing material), there will always be a small amount of residual material. The very small pieces of wood that are unusable are recycled, but we give the slightly larger pieces to companies that work with residual flows to make new products such as MEUQ design. In this way we minimize the amount of residual material.

3. Making and preparing packaging

Not only is our product made with great care and attention, but we also spent a lot of time on the packaging. We have designed special boxes with inlays to transport the wall decoration as safely and conveniently as possible.

The boxes are custom made to avoid empty space during transport to reduce the CO2 footprint of the delivery.In addition, the cardboard sheets in which we package the wall decoration are standard size, so there is no cutting waste from customizing cardboard sheets 

In order to protect the products as well as possible, the shapes of the wall decoration are cut from the cardboard sheets, which means that the products are literally clamped into the box. An additional advantage of this is the fact that by means of the smart design of the box, it can also be used as a spacer for wall decoration consisting of several panels. Another advantage is that no other protective equipment is needed, the tightly packed box offers more than sufficient protection. The few pieces of cardboard that we have left as residual material are recycled

4. Packing, storage and shipping

Finally, the products are checked, packed and stored with great care. As soon as a customer orders a product, we only have to add the extras such as mounting materials and then the box is ready to be shipped, so in some cases we can send the product within fifteen minutes after placing the order!