Mounting systems wall decoration

We have developed two different mounting systems so that our wall decoration can be mounted on any surface. When ordering your desired product, you can indicate which mounting system you want. The mounting systems are further explained below:

Direct mounting

The wall decoration is mounted directly on the wall by means of double-sided adhesive strips. The adhesive strips are made of extra strong  1mm foam tape  that sticks perfectly to both smooth walls (paint, wallpaper) and walls with a light structure (spachtelputz).

We supply the adhesive strips with the wall decoration and cardboard adhesive templates to mount the adhesive strips in the right place on the back of the wall decoration. The installation is then very easy to complete by placing the wall decoration in the desired place on the wall and pressing it. If the wall decoration consists of several panels, you will receive spacers to ensure the correct distance between the panels.

 Benefits Disadvantages
-Fast and easy -Not suitable for every type of wall (very coarse structure)
-Without drilling -Depending on the surface, the wall decoration cannot always be removed without damage (both wall and wall decoration).

Screw mounting

The screw mounting system is somewhat similar to the direct mounting system, but is distinguished by the fact that no adhesive strips touch the wall. Using the supplied drilling templates, a number of holes are made in the right place where a plug with screw and washer can be mounted. Round adhesive strips are pasted on the rings, on which the wall decoration can then be mounted. This mounting system is not possible for every type of wall decoration.

 Benefits Disadvantages
-Wall decoration can be removed and reinstalled without harm. (only the adhesive strips need to be replaced) -Assembly takes longer
-Panels are a few millimeters from the wall which emphasizes the 3D effect -Drilling in the wall is necessary (30mm deep)

Advice on mounting

Are you unsure about which mounting system you want to use? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise. Please also refer to the mounting instructions of the respective product to get a better idea of ​​the mounting systems.