Herfst Boom wanddecoratie - Muur Art
Herfst Boom wanddecoratie - Muur Art
Herfst Boom wanddecoratie - Muur Art
Autumn Tree wall decoration

Autumn Tree wall decoration

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Mounting System

The three panels of this Autumn Tree Wall Decoration exude modernity and give the room a dynamic atmosphere. The dark color blends well with a light background, accentuating the wall decoration.

Trees can mean different things: symbol for growth & development, fertility, for immortality & healing. Just like a tree, you also have to deal with the different seasons in life, this wall art is based on autumn.

✔ Original 3D wall decoration
✔ Modern and industrial style
✔ Accurately carved from wood
✔ Guaranteed eye-catcher
✔ Made of 3mm through-and-through FSC black HDF
✔ Suitable for any dry indoor space

The perfect addition to your interior

Autumn Tree Wall Decoration consists of three different panels, creating a modern look. The panels will certainly stand out from your guests. Hang this Wall-Art Tree wall decoration in a central place, so that it stands out.

These wall panels are the perfect gift for a housewarming, birthday or unique Christmas present and are ideal for the home or office. Wherever you hang this triptych, it will be a good addition to the interior.

Easy assembly

Mounting can be done by direct mounting or screw mounting. With direct mounting, the panels are provided with extra strong double-sided adhesive strips and mounted directly at the desired location on the wall. Direct mounting is possible on smooth walls (paint, wallpaper) as well as on walls with a light structure (spachtelputz).

Screw mounting is done by drilling holes in the right place (using the supplied drilling templates) and then providing it with a plug and screw with washer. Round adhesive strips are applied to the rings on which the wall decoration can then be mounted. Would you like more information about the mounting systems? Consult the installation manual or read more about the mounting systems here.

Assembly manual

Responsible materials

We use Finsa Fibracolour Negro HDF (High Density Fibreboard) for our wall decoration. What makes this material special is that black dye is mixed into the fibers during the production process. This gives the HDF a thoroughly black color. To emphasize the color intensity, we manually oil the material with linseed oil.

Fibracolour Negro has a superior quality due to its fiber selection, special - non-toxic - water-based color pigments, low formaldehyde content (Classification E1) and resistance to natural and artificial lighting. The sheet material is sustainably produced in Europe in Spain, Portugal and France. HDF Finsa Fibracolour Negro is 100% PEFC certified.

Locally and sustainably produced

We develop and produce all our products completely in-house from our workshop in Zaandam. By keeping production local, we can guarantee the quality of our product and deploy our production process flexibly.

We have set up our production process with an eye for sustainability, so we strive to produce as little residual material as possible and we use sustainable materials for the products. Curious about how we produce our production as sustainably as possible? Read more about our production process.

Fast delivery

Shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium is free! We ship your order within 1 working day via our partner DPD. Shipping within the Netherlands usually takes 1-2 working days, in Belgium this is 1-3 working days.


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